Gospel Topics Essays Part II – Heavenly Mother, Freemasonry, and Violence in the Early Church.


Join religion professor Dr. Casey Paul Griffiths in this two-hour masterclass taking a historically accurate and doctrinally sound approach to understanding three of the hottest gospel topics essays! 

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Dr. Casey Paul Griffiths begins this course series with a breakdown of the doctrine of Our Heavenly Mother, as well as a look at what Church leaders have taught on the subject. He discusses what roles our Heavenly Mother fills, why we don’t know more and ways we can work to fill in the gap without speculating in areas we don’t have authority. In Dr. Griffiths second section of the course he takes a deep look at Freemasonry and Latter-day Saints. Topics covered include: What freemasonry is, why so many early saints including Joseph Smith were involved in masonry, the link between masonic rites and the ordinances of the temple, and the connections of freemasonry and the church long after the Prophet Joseph Smith. The final section of this course you’ll learn all about Peace and Violence Among the 19th Century Saints. Dr. Griffiths begins with a detailed look at the numerous instances of violence towards early saints. He goes further and highlights the church’s relations with Native Americans. Dr. Griffiths ends this course with a historically accurate discussion on the Mountain Meadows Massacre and less well known Bear River Massacre, including the context and significance of these tragic events. If you have ever wanted an expert to walk through the Gospel Topics essays with you, this is your course!

Total Course Duration: 1 Hour, 59 Minutes

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