An Expert’s Guide – The Small Plates


In Part One of the Book of Mormon series, Robert Millet and Brent Top invite you to crack open your Book of Mormon and join them at the table for an in-depth study of the small plates. New insights, perspectives, and additional context will help you see the first few books in the Book of Mormon through a whole new light!

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Have you been looking for a way to dive deeper into the Book of Mormon? Robert Millet and Brent Top might be two of the most qualified instructors you could ever have. In this course, you will have the opportunity to learn from two master teachers the context to deepen your appreciation of the Book of Mormon and the plight of the early Nephites. On top of that, Robert and Brent use their extensive knowledge to highlight the key, sacred, and saving doctrines found within the small plates, and more importantly how these doctrines can change your life. This course is set up so you will feel like the third person at the table. Bring your scriptures, a pencil and paper, and a desire to learn!