The Book of Abraham: Part II


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In part two of the Book of Abraham masterclass, Kerry Muhlestein deep dives into the latter-day background of the Book of Abraham as well underscores the teachings found therein.

Lessons Include:
1. How the papyri arrive in Kirtland and how Joseph Smith translates them.
2. Stories from Nauvoo and how the Book of Abraham became apart of The Pearl of Great Price.
3. The significance of the characters found on the papyri fragments from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
4. Spiritual teachings and eternal truths contained within the Book of Abraham.

Total Duration: 1 hour 52 minutes

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Course Content

The Papyri Arrive

  • Introduction
  • How the Papyri Get to Kirtland

Translating in Kirtland

The Nauvoo Period

Post Nauvoo

Teachings of the Book of Abraham