The Premortal Existence: Agency, Salvation, and the War in Heaven


About Course

Does the Premortal Existence have implications for the here and now? In this course, Brent Top discusses what we know, and what we still don’t know regarding the Pre-Earth life and how it affects us everyday. Enjoy the course below! We encourage you to take notes, and have your scriptures at the ready. We’re confident that you will learn something new and hopefully, have a better understanding of your divine heritage, role, and responsibility today.

Course Content

Section 1 – Divine Lineage

  • 1.0: Introduction
  • 1.1: Distinguishing Doctrine
  • 1.2: The Road Less Traveled, Intelligence vs. Intelligences
  • 1.3: We are Children of Heavenly Parents

Section 2 – The Premortal World

Section 3 – The War in Heaven

Section 4 – Implications for Here and Now