The Book of Abraham: Part I


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In part one of the Book of Abraham masterclass Kerry Muhlestein goes in depth into three main topics:

1. Who was Abraham? Gain additional insight on where Abraham was from, and what interaction he would have had with Egypt.
2. The background of the Papyri. Who owned it, where is the papyri from and would Hor and Abraham have known about each other?
3. A thorough, deep dive into each facsimile. Dr. Muhlestein explores the scriptural meaning of all three facsimiles, with extra emphasis on facsimile two.
Bonus Video: How did the facsimiles make it out of Egypt?

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Course Content

Section 1: Who Was Abraham?

  • 1.0 Introduction
  • 1.1 Where Did Abraham Live?
  • 1.2 Abraham’s Interaction with Egypt

Section 2: The Setting of the Papyri

Section 3: The Facsimiles

Bonus Section: How the Papyri got out of Egypt