Preparing for the Second Coming – Watch & Be Ready


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If the second coming was tomorrow, would you be ready? In the latter-days that’s a question we should all be asking ourselves. Join Brent Top in analyzing what it takes to be prepared for the Second Coming. This course is broken into four sections below. Brother Top shares lesser known context on many of Christ’s parables in the bible, as well as insights from modified parables found in the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible. We will take a look at the doctrinal meaning of the scriptures and learn how we can apply them to our lives. Brother Top references the scriptures often so we recommend having your scriptures nearby as well as something to take notes. Enjoy the course!

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Course Content

Section 1: The Question

  • Course Introduction
  • 1.1 The Second Coming
  • 1.2 The Ancient Answer
  • 1.3 The Modern Answer

Section 2: The Answer

Section 3: The Meaning

Section 4: Application