Lessons From the Atonement


About Course

Join Robert Millet as he walks through the Atonement of Jesus Christ in two parts. He first addresses the “Foundation Stones of the Atonement.” What underlies our Savior’s sacrifice? In the second portion of the course, he dives deeper into the Atonement itself. What is it, where does it take place, and what lessons should we apply in our own lives from it? Get your scriptures and a study journal handy, you’re going to need both!

Course Content

Section 1: Three Foundation Stones of the Atonement

  • 1.0 – Course Intro
  • 1.1 – Stone One: The Love of Christ
  • 1.2 – Stone Two: The Righteousness of Christ
  • 1.3 Stone Three: The Merits, Mercy, & Grace of Christ
  • 1.4 – “It is by Grace we are saved [in spite] of all we can do”
  • 1.5 – What Right Do We Have to Get Into Heaven?

Section 2: Treading the Winepress Alone

Section 3: On Calvary’s Cross